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  TOYOUBAND self-developed interactive projection games apply a series of high technology, including Multimedia interactive multi-touch recognition technology, Infrared narrow-band filter technology, Infrared multi-touch technology, Multimedia interactive capture technology, Network real-time interconnection technology etc.

  Firstly capture the player with Capture device, then analyze by the image analysis system , thus generate the action of the captured object. Combine the action data with real-time image interaction system, a close interactive effect between player and virtual scene will be achieved. 

Interactive projection system consist of:

1.Signal Acquisition: Use the infrared sensors, video camcorders to capture the real-time dynamic data.

Signal Processing: Use data processor to analyze and process the captured images and action data of the player, dock the final data with virtual scene, to achieve a real time interaction between

player and virtual effects.

3.Imaging: Use the projector to present the game scenes in the specific position.

Auxiliary Equipment: Such as transmission lines, installation components, audio devices etc.

Advantages Of Interactive Projection System

Multimedia interaction system emphasizes the direct interactive experiences with the virtual world when the player stays in the virtual world.
2.Novel and unique interactive effects attract more attention and the fantasy games improve the value and competitiveness of children’s playground.

Interactive Projection System provides a variety of closer interaction forms with the virtual images, which subvert the traditional game-control methods with mouse, keyboard or game joystick


4.Most virtual interaction system are achieved by capture devices and program, which make this system more flexible to upgrade. 
5.There is no physical contact between the player and devices. Interaction system is much more durable and convenient to routine maintenance.